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Driven by desperation and haunted by his past, a veteran detective finds himself caught in a cruel game of cat-and-mouse. When a string of shocking murders piles up on his desk, with multiple cadavers – in pieces – at the morgue, Detective Sean Cameron (‘Cam’) Devlin begins to slip further through the cracks of the man he once was. On the trail of a devious and appalling killer, he finds himself spiraling into a dark abyss of horror, lies and seduction. The web around Cam Devlin tightens when he enters the lair of Krista De Labelle, a young, unorthodox therapist and a woman so stunning and intriguing that she all but consumes Cam’s remaining attention, time, and desires..... Read more

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ASIN: 0992133262

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New Release


Rufus Imbrolio is a star stage-hypnotist from Miami Beach who is linked to an important human trafficking network. Success in showbiz and lucrative investments have made him extremely powerful and wealthy. But that’s no longer enough. Now, violence, torture and sexual fantasy feed his deviant projects. With his money, he has become invincible, supported by corrupt friends in high spheres of society who take good care of protecting their generous benefactor from any serious probe by the police.... Read more

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