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Rufus Imbrolio is a star stage-hypnotist from Miami Beach who is linked to an important human trafficking network. Success in showbiz and lucrative investments have made him extremely powerful and wealthy. But that’s no longer enough. Now, violence, torture and sexual fantasy feed his deviant projects. With his money, he has become invincible, supported by corrupt friends in high spheres of society who take good care of protecting their generous benefactor from any serious probe by the police. Only one person will stand in his way: a merciless, fearless woman determined to make him pay dearly for his faults. Shocked, outraged by the horrible and unpunished deaths of young girls under Imbrolio’s tutelage, the affluent businesswoman is convinced that this mysterious tyrant is a threat to every living woman. She’s resolute to crush her diabolical opponent and his despicable organization with or without help from the authorities. But . . . things will not turn out the way she had planned. The collateral damages will be extensive, leaving many injured or dead. The road for the tenacious heroine will be paved with a multitude of perilous obstacles devised by an army of ruthless criminals in all corners of the world, whom she will have to thwart to advance in her quest for the destruction of Imbrolio’s empire. But can she win? And at what price?

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