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Women serial killers

Women serial killers

Serial killers are not confined to gender. However, according to a popular myth, serial killers are only men. That's not true because women serial killers work smarter than some of the men, and that's pretty surprising.

A serial killer can be any person, whether male or female that commits a series of murders typically following a specific characteristic. Female serial killers are definitely less in quantity than men because women usually don't engage in violence. However, they do exist, but their nature of doing murders is quite different than men. Also, women don't kill for issues like sex and childhood abuse. Instead, they have a pragmatic approach to their murders.
In this article today, we will be going to focus on various aspects of women serial killers. For the ease of our readers, we have divided the article into the following sections:

  • General motives of women serial killers

  • Blood-curdling facts about female serial killers

  • Famous examples of female serial killers

  • Why female serial killing is rare, and why it couldn't be more frequent?

General motives of women serial killers

There is a very common and wrong myth that makes people believe that women can never be serial killers due to their very sensitive nature. However, the fact is, women are serial killers and have some of the amazing examples that leave the people shocked. Also, this misconception about women can be a deadly outcome because it becomes an exceptional case when the investigation begins. However, in any case, women are serial killers, but they certainly have different motives as compared to men. Following is a list of general motives of women serial killers:

Serial killing for financial gain

The most common motive behind women's serial killing is killing for the sake of financial gain. You might have noticed many prank videos on different social media channels that focus on the subject of gold diggers. Typically, the subject on all of those videos is women that can do anything for the sake of money. It's in the nature of a wide majority of women that they love money and can do anything for it. That's why one of the most common reasons behind women's serial killing can be money.

Serial killing for revenge

Another motive that can be considered equal for men and women is revenge. However, women are usually more focused on taking revenge than men. Therefore, it is a common belief, and it is seen in a lot of real-life cases as well that women kill for the sake of taking revenge. The killing can be extremely wild if the woman serial killer is taking revenge for the sexual abuse that she just gone through or if it's about sexual abuse for her children.

Serial killing because of mental illness

Another motive for women serial killers is mental illness. A huge population of men and women across the globe become serial killers when they are not mentally stable. It can be a result of a serious incident that happened to them, or it can be the result of any medication. However, in any case, those people usually look normal to the general public, but they are serial killers, and they keep on killing people without any solid reason until they got punished or hanged. 
Other than these major motives, women also kill because of other factors as men, but the rates for those killings are negligible as compared to the above-mentioned motives. 


Blood-curdling facts about female serial killers

Following is a list of some blood-curdling facts about female serial killers:

Killing through poison

As women are weak in physical appearance than men, so they always work smarter to kill the opponent, especially if it's a man. Therefore, the most common and easiest way among all the killing techniques is killing through poison. It is observed that women typically kill through poison. A study has confirmed that a huge number of cases that points towards the women serial killing reveal the fact that the majority of the people got killed through poison. It is typically the easiest and fastest way to kill someone who is stronger than you.

The killing of closed ones

Another fact about women serial killing is that they usually kill people with whom they are in a close relationship. Most of the time, the reason is, their partner ditched them. However, other times, it's because the women first get closer to the person who they want to target to gain his trust. After that, they kill him in any of the ways that they find suitable. 

Huge quantity

Usually, people don't believe that women serial killers exist. However, the ones who believe in this fact are unaware of the actual quantity. You might get surprised to know that approximately 15% of serial killers are women. Isn't it a huge quantity than you ever expected? However, it's true!

Less likely to have a criminal history

As women are less likely to be involved in criminal activities, there is less chance that there is a previous criminal history of any woman serial killer. It's because they only kill for a specific reason, and generally, they are not the type of persons with a criminal background. 

Difficult to catch up

As we have studied above that woman serial killers less likely to have a criminal background so, it is typically difficult to catch them up after they have committed a murder. Also, due to the typical mindset that women can't commit murders, it is hard to believe after they have committed such an act.

Less torture

A study has shown that women serial killers are less likely to torture their victims as compared to male serial killers. The reason can be that women don't like violence, and when they decided to kill someone, they only do that and leave the place right away

Famous examples of female serial killers

Following is a list of some famous examples of female serial killers:

Aileen Wuornos

In only a year between 1989 and 1990, Aileen is responsible for killing seven men in Florida. The way that she chooses to murder them is through shooting. She shot all of them dead at point-blank range. Police caught her after she met an accident in the car of one of her victims. The reason for her killing is sexual assault. All of those men raped her before when she worked as a prostitute. 

Judias Buenoano

Judias was a serial killer in Florida. She killed her boyfriends, husband, son, and fiancé. She was the first woman in Florida that committed murders in the past few years. However, she was arrested many years after she killed those people, and then she was given capital punishment. 

Juana Barraza

The different factor about Juana's serial killer is that she was a professional wrestler. All of her victims were women aged between 42 to 48. She has killed many women. After that, she has given punishment for 759 years in prison. The reason behind her killing was to steal the possessions of other ladies. 

Jane Toppan

Jane killed many people who are patients because she was a nurse. After she got arrested, she confessed that she had killed 31 people. The only reason that police and the psychological department found behind her act of murdering people is mental instability. She killed people using different medicines and chemicals

Gesche Gottfried

Gesche is responsible for the murder of 15 different people. She was also a nurse, and she kills people by mixing poison in their food. She has also killed her children, two husbands, and fiancé. The reason behind her serial killing is mental instability, and she was sent to the mental asylum afterward. 

Amelia Dyer

Amelia is only responsible for one murder. However, she worked on the baby farm and is responsible for killing over 400 infants. It is a heart-wrenching fact that let the police arrest her and hang her. However, it is one of the most terrific cases of serial killing in history that has left everyone speechless. 

Kristen Gilbert

Kristen was a nurse by profession, and she was responsible for killing four different people. She also tried to kill two more patients, but fortunately, they survived. The reason behind her serial killing is mental illness. 

Why female serial killing is rare, and why it couldn't be more frequent?

Serial killing is an act that is rare than the other types of killing. However, in any case, women are very less in quantity than men in the serial killing because they are less likely to be violent. Typically women, serial killing is a reaction due to mental illness, sexual assault, money, and other such factors. Other than that, women don't kill anyone.
It is very rare that women's serial killings become frequent because women are soft-hearted by nature, and they are afraid of violence and blood-shedding. It is the reason that women serial killers are less in quantity, and the quantity will no longer extend in the future also.


-Gabeiel Ravel

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